Voice Car Speakers 6×9 Inch (Pair), Coaxial 5 Way, Tweeter 11MM x 2 Dome, 4_, Woofer 163MM x 237MM speakers VO-6995B ?

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About the product
~ 6.9″ (163mm x 237mm) Coaxial car speaker
~ Nominal Impedance_4½ ~ Maximum power_1000 W
~ Rated Power_500 W
~ Include installation wires and screw.
~ Super Tweeter: Horn Type Product description
6X9″(163mm X 237mm) Coaxial Car Speaker.
Max. power: 10000w.
Nom. power: 500w
Woofer: 163mm x 237mm.
Midrange: 58mm.
Tweeter: 11mm x 2 dome.
Impedance: 4½.
Sensitivity: 92dB/w(1m).
Frequency response: 30-36 KHZ .
Gross Weight: 3.46Kg 20 Oz