HID Xenon Headlight Replacement Bulbs – 9006 – 35W 12000K (Pack of two bulbs).DealsPlaza

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Product description Xenon Headlight Bulbs (2 pieces) 35W OEM Xenon replacement original bulbs for HID (Xenon) lights. Features and Specs. German technology, high quality HID bulbs . Easy installation process. In rare cases, you may need professional installation. Power: 35W. Expected Life: 3500 Hrs. Fitment: 1) Please double check the size of the bulb with your car before purchase. 2) Please check your car Owner’s Manual. 3) We Suggest you to use Sylvania or Philips automotive lamp replacement guide online to ensure you purchase the right size bulb. Color temperature is a measure of the color’s intensity and the tone of the light, we offer the following color temperatures which we have in stock for all vehicles: 3000k ( Golden Yellow ). 4300k (OEM White). 6000k ( Diamond White / Hyper White ). 8000k ( Iceberg Blue / Bright Blue ). 10000k ( Deep Blue / Dark Blue ). 12000k ( Purple ).

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